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Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen

– Michael Jordan

How to change the World?

Normally we ask, how to change our world? Our response is always the same, one plastic bottle at a time and everything can start with our feet.

Our strongest desire is without a doubt our devotion to quality and detail. We have ensured every inch of our shoe is complemented with absolutely the best materials and techniques available.

To materialize our vision, we obviously had to partner with only the best. We were able to find facility in the heart of the Portuguese industrial area with over 70 years of shoemaking expertise, and tremendously talented people at its helm.

With our joint efforts, we made sure everything was staple of excellence, guaranteeing production methods are the most advanced, thorough and extensive, while raising the standard with never before seen additions, such the unlikely inclusion of plastics from the ocean or pineapple fiber. All of this enhanced by the most beautiful, luxurious and refined fabrics and on the market, everything natural and ecological materials.

This has allowed for the creation of a collection that is classy as it is young and bold, all customized by you.

Our brand name means everything to us, and we have made sure that everything conveys the elegance, durability and comfort.

Why our sneakers? Because we have to help our planet, doing something to our legacy.




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